Dryer Vent Cleaning Salt Lake City

Have you noticed your dryer is not drying your clothes completely or as quickly as it used to? Getting your dryer vent cleaned will help your dryer run more efficiently, drying your clothes faster as well as help prevent one of the leading causes of household fires. Neglecting the necessary maintenance and cleaning of your dryer vent not only decreases efficiency and service life but can result in devastating consequences.  The majority of dryer safety issues are easily prevented with professional upkeep.  Contact the qualified specialists from Best Bet Carpet Systems, and enjoy superior operation from your dryer and complete peace of mind.  Take advantage of our experience, and proven procedures to get the most out of your investment.  Rest assured, your project will be scheduled at a convenient time, and completed in a prompt and organized fashion, with no mess or debris left behind.  Home and business owners in the entire Salt Lake City area can rely on Best Bet Carpet Systems for skilled, courteous, and affordable service.

Common problems with dryer vents include lint and animal nesting.  When lint and other debris is allowed to accumulate in your dryer hose and vent duct, airflow is restricted, causing exhaust gasses to back up, creating a fire hazard.  Longer run times, hot exterior surfaces, and clothes that are still damp at the end of a regular cycle are signs that the vent is not exhausting properly. Because of improper airflow, the dryer is unable to extract hot, moist air.  The dryer must work longer and harder, placing more wear and tear on the heating element and blower.  Comprehensive cleaning from Best Bet Carpet Systems ensure shorter drying cycles, lower running costs, longer lifespan, and safe operation.

Keep your home safe with professional dryer vent cleaning from Best Bet Carpet Systems.

It doesn’t take long for lint to build up creating a dangerous situation.  Lint is flammable, and when subjected to extreme heat, there is a very real risk of fire. We offer both residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning throughout the Salt Lake City area utilizing tools designed to access and properly clean even the most challenging dryer vent installations.  Rather than attempt do-it-yourself cleaning, possibly resulting in damage and dealing with the mess, let our team of professionals put their experience, training, and equipment to work for you.

Contact us at (503) 673-6797 for a free estimate for your dryer vent cleaning in Salt Lake City area, and benefit from professional, reliable, high-quality

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