Air Duct Cleaning Salt Lake City

Why Air Duct Cleaning?
Dust, dirt, bacteria particles, smoke, smog, pollution, mold, viruses, allergens they are all in our Utah air. Our home HVAC systems, while blowing cool air or heated air through our homes, collect all of these pollutants in our duct work.

The amount of bacteria, dust, molds and other viruses collects inside the air ducts on a daily basis, while your air conditioner or furnace is working. Over time, your air duct system may look like the “Before” picture above.

For your health and breathing, you need to filter all the unwanted particles in the air and provide pure fresh air for you to breathe. All this filtering requires constant servicing and cleaning of the air ducts.

Best Bet Carpet Systems delivers expert air duct cleaning service like the “After” picture above. Our lens camera pictures (before and after) prove our cleaning works for your health!

If It’s In Your Air Ducts, It’s In Your Lungs
There can be dust particles suspended inside the air duct, and also various harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi along with the moisture content growing over a period of time. Regular cleaning and servicing of air ducts help prevent and control contaminated air in your home.

Hiring a professional air conditioning service provider for the cleaning of the air ducts would lead to complete inspection as well as hi-tech cleaning techniques that can get rid of the polluted air and let you and your family breathe healthy air.

Best Bet Carpet Systems air duct cleaning prove to be effective in dealing with the intricate areas of the air ducts, which are impossible for the human hand to clean. Call us for help when it comes to the cleaning of molds, and clearing the air ducts of the various dust, dirt, germs, and pollutants, as well as disinfecting the duct work.

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